Seize the opportunity to export dragon fruit to Maylaysia

To catch up with market trends, customers access the product in the amount of more than 7 tons of red dragon fruit export Malaysia to check the quality and learn the tastes here.

In this 12 months the customer contacts Fruit 95 and determines the cooperation relationship. Fruit 95 becomes a source of red dragon fruit exported to the domestic market.

Seize the opportunity to export to Malaysia. All Fruit 95 employees try to work, learn, develop technology to complete each order well.

Order information:

Red dragon fruit

Type 1

Packing: carton

The production process

Receiving an order from the sales department, the procurement department immediately contact the local garden house and ensure the planting area. Here we exchange about the time to import raw materials to meet the order.

Dragon fruit after harvest shipped to the factory to the stage of inspection of goods up to standard and classification. Skilled workers meticulously review each dragon fruit to ensure full export requirements as negotiated with customers.

Next, remove the stalk to limit bacteria entry. Dedicated washing machine to clean dirt and sand cling on fruit peel. The product packaging process is very important to be careful in every step. This is a necessary stage for goods to be protected safely during the transportation to the destination.

Cartons used to pack goods will avoid the impact from the external environment such as: hidden dust, moisture, hot sun, impact effects distort the product.

Each step packed thoroughly according to the specific process. Products delivered to customers will ensure quality. Limit situations in which goods are damaged by collision or environmental factors.

Besides, beautiful packaging is also a way to promote the brand Fruit 95 closer to customers.

Standard dragon fruit packing process step by step include:

  • Step 1: Each dragon fruit put into plastic bag with product label, production brand.
  • Step 2: After wrapping the product with plastic bag. Workers at the factory use cartons to pack products. This material has good bearing capacity, so the storage of goods is also extremely high.
  • Step 3: Finally paste the full range of cargo information coupons according to customer requirements.

Complete the packing process, each carton arranged on the pallet, and store in cold storage. On 18/12/2023, Fruit 95 Company successfully exported more than 7 tons of red dragon fruit to Malaysia.


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