Nearly 5 tons of red dragon fruit exported to Australia. 

Red dragon fruit is popular in Vietnam, especially the provinces: Binh Thuan, Tien Giang, Long An. Red dragon fruit is now exported to about 40 different countries and territories. This fruit is also exported to difficult markets such as the US, Italy, Japan, Singapor. And some new markets in recent years such as India, New Zealand, Australia and Chile.

Red dragon fruit export Australia

Australia is a very attractive market for dragon fruit export businesses. However, selling red dragon fruit in the Australian market is not easy. Red dragon fruit is allowed by the Australian Government to import from 24/08/2017. But currently very few businesses can export dragon fruit to this fastidious market. Not afraid of difficulties, Fruit 95 regularly successfully exported red dragon fruit orders to Australia.

Red dragon fruit export Australia

On 7/12/2023, Fruit 95 successfully executed the order of nearly 5 tons of red dragon fruit exported to Australia. After exchanging with customers, the purchasing department of Fruit95 contacted farmers producing raw materials for the order.

Dragon fruit exported to the Australian market in the planting area. Supply materials, plant varieties comply with VietGap standards are inspected and assigned codes by the Plant Protection Department. Traceability of products to control residues of pesticides. Red dragon fruit to the factory is tested and classified. Make sure to remove the dragon fruit that carries the disease, crushed or penetrated, left puncture,… The dragon fruit qualified for export must ensure:

– Left weight: meet customer’s requirement.

– Shape: choose round fruits that are berry and sweet.

– Dragon fruit shell: choose dragon fruit with bright red shell, uniform color.

– Ear on the fruit: soft, fresh, bright blue ear.

– Use your finger to press lightly on the dragon fruit cover to feel soft but still solid…

Vapor Hear Treatment

Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) is a hot steam fruit treatment technology aimed at completely destroying eggs and larvae of fruit-punching flies, harmful insects cling to the outer skin of the fruit. Therefore, the product retains its freshness, prolongs the storage time and says NO with chemicals

The requirements of the market are increasingly difficult, Fruit 95 application of modern processing technology and export packaging conditions of countries such as: USA, Australia, New Zealand,…

Advantages of VHT technology:

– Fruits treated with steam without chemicals should be eco-friendly and ensure the health safety of consumers.

– This is a safe method for handling quarantine pass fruit.

– Fruits retain their quality, flavor color and do not alter the properties of their flesh.

– Storage time is extended

– Make sure to completely destroy the larvae when the control is slightly accurate.

– The technology uses a vapor that does not lose moisture from fresh fruit.

– Disinfection without the use of chemicals.

Packing dragon fruit export Australia

Dragon fruit selection classified as standard export, go to the rolling cutting stage and clean with a dedicated washing machine. Minimize bacteria penetration and wash off the shell, sandy soil still on the left.

The fruit waits to dry and stacked into a plastic basket, each of which is no more than two layers of fruit and is lined up vertically.

After output VHT machine dragon fruit is naturally quenched 90 – 120 minutes in the area with temperature 20 – 22.

Styrofoam fruit is limit fruit bumps in the barrel. Carton with ventilated air hole, size and sample code according to customer’s requirements.

Store dragon fruit in cold storage at 300C-400C within 8 hours.

Nearly 5 tons of dragon fruit loaded onto container on 7/12/2023, shipped out to export port to Australia.

Thanh long ruột đỏ – Red dragon fruit

Export more than 1 ton dragon fruit to America

Gần 5 tấn thanh long đỏ xuất khẩu Úc


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