Export more than 1 ton dragon fruit to America

Fruit 95 is a unit that ensures the selection of quality goods, the right package, keeping the value and quality to consumers.


Fruits are one of the perishable items during transportation and exportation. Each fruit should adhere to how to choose a quality product, packaging and characteristics of each.

Each fruit should adhere to how to choose a quality product, packaging and characteristics of each. Ensure that fruits reach consumers always fresh and delicious, not crushed. Therefore, not every individual or unit in the market today can meet the requirements of fruit export.

Currently, trade between countries is easy. Temperate countries such as South Korea, Russia, USA,.. There is a need to use novel fruits such as mango, plum, longan, jackfruit, dragon fruit … of tropical countries. Since then, the demand for fruit exports has been increasing. However, not all units guarantee how to choose products and pack fruits to go abroad, leading to easy damage when reaching customers.

Fruit 95 is a unit that ensures the selection of quality goods, the right package, keeping the value and quality to consumers.

In early December 2023, Fruit 95 successfully fulfilled an order of more than 1 ton of red dragon fruit exported to the US market.

Red dragon fruit.

Contact us, customers need a reputable red flesh dragon fruit supplier and ensure product quality to export to the US, one of the “difficult” markets.

The US market requires that no preservatives be used during transportation. However, dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with a short shelf life. In order for the product to always be fresh and quality, it is necessary to select input materials and professional storage methods.

Order information:

Product: Red dragon fruit.

Type 1

Fruit weight: 460gr-780gr

Packaging box: 4.5kg.

Receiving orders

Fruit 95 plans to import raw materials in the planting area in accordance with the order packaging time. After working with clients, fruit 95 feeder contacts farmers in the growing area to negotiate the production of raw materials for the upcoming order.

Requirements of customers

Ingredient Red flesh dragon fruit
Quality –          Fruit weight: 460gr-780gr

–          Left model : Type 1

Request –          Packing: 7,8,9 fruits/box


–          Each box contains 4.5kg, 285 boxes

Demand Supermarket channel distribution
Quantity 1282.5 kg

Enter raw materials and classify

On 6/12/2023, Fruit 95 together with QC representatives of customers present at the warehouse to import goods, talk more about some adjustments in customer requirements.

Red dragon fruit is imported directly at the warehouse of Fruit 95 company, product classification type 1 cleaning treatment for packing. Remove materials that do not guarantee quality such as insufficient size, disease fruit, stamping fruit, crack fruit, etc,…

Processing and cleaning of raw materials

Cut off the scroll of the dragon fruit. Limit the maximum number of harmful bacteria.

Rinse the peel and sandy soil on the red dragon fruit through a specialized washing machine. Then pick out to dry in natural conditions and prepare for the next step.

Packing red dragon fruit

Wrap red dragon fruit with specialized sponges in the form of a mesh ring. Limit fruit in crates to bump into each other.

Stacking dragon fruit that has been put into carton. Pay attention to keep the container dry, not affected by water or direct sunlight.

Red dragon fruit.

Each carton design with weight, size according to customer requirements. Carton packing fixed and firm. On the carton there is printed sample code and sealed according to export criteria and customer requirements.

Product deliveComplete the strict packaging process, fill the pallet. Queue up the car and shipping according to customer’s requirements.Fruit 95 is very happy to support customers exporting dragon fruit successfully. All employees of F95 make every effort, constantly exchange and advise full information about products for customers to make decisions quickly. Wish you more health and get better products every day from XNK Fruit95 Company Limited.

Thanh long ruột đỏ – Red dragon fruit

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